BD-408e CCD Scanner
FLASH 2 Turbo, a High-end CCD Barcode Scanner
FLASH 2 Turbo, as a result of combining both optical, electronic and decoding technologies by BIRCH R&D team, is a perfect high-end CCD barcode scanner. New achievements include higher scan rate, number of barcode symbology discriminated and power consumption. It is most suitable forstore(POS), office(OA) and factory automation applications.

Discriminating most of Barcode Symbologies in the word

Not only including most common used barcodesymbologies decoding, FLASH 2 Turbo also auto discriminates a lot of special usage barcode symbologies such as IATA, UCC/EAN128, Hence, the reader is suitable for much bigger market for different applications.
For flexibility, the reader program is
ROM replaceable. You can order new program for upgrade from local distributor and replace by yourself.

If you have special requirement, please contact our local distributor. OEM modification for the software is possible(Minimum order is required).

Low power consumption
For system compatibility, FLASH 2 Turbo reduces the power consumption down to 20mA(TTL) and 60-70 mA(with decoder). Hence, it works perfectly with low power devices such as Note Book, Green PC, Data collector and Portable Terminals.

65mm depth of field
With newly design optical components, FLASH 2 Turbo increases the non-contact reading distance up to 65mm, Besides, we provide a optional model with 4 inches depth of field. The reader scanning rate is 100 times/sec. It makes barcode reading faster and precise under any circumstance.

BD-408e CCD Scanner
Reading Code EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-A,UPC-E0/E1,[WPC with Addon Code 2+5],Code-39,Code-32,Code-93,Code-128,Code-11,Codabar/NW7,IATA,Industrial 2 of 5,Interleaved 2 of 5,UCC/EAN-128,MSI/Plessey,UK/Plessey,Telepen,Others for Request.
Resolution 0.125mm(5mil)
PCS Value >=0.30
Optical Width of Window 82mm
Scanning Width 110mm[0.5mm(20mil),PCS=0.9]
Depth of Field 65mm[0.38mm(15mil),PCS=0.9]
Light Source 660mm Red LED Array
Read Sencor 2048-pixl CCD Image Sensor
Scanning Rate 200 Scans/Second
Reading Indicator Red LED and Adjustable Volume Buzzer/Pizeo
Electrical Interface Keyboard Wedge,[AT/XT,PS2,MAC.ADB.,NEC98xx,IBM PS55xx,IBM ThinkPad],RS-232C,Wand-Emulation,WYSE Terminal,OCIA,Other for request.
Connector Din-5p,Din-6p,Din-8p,Dsub-9p,Dsub-25p,Mini Din-4p,Mini Din-6p,Mini Din-8p,Others for request.
Voltage DC 5V+/- 5%
Working Current 60-70mA
Stand-by Current 20-3mA<=0.5mA
RFI/EMI Compies With FCC Class A and CE
Environment Working 0-40°C,10-90%RH
Storage 10-60°C,5-95%RH
Physical Net Weight 165g[Without Cable]
Cable 1.75m Straight/Coiled Replaceable Cable
Drop Durability 1m drop onto concrete surface