Laser-like Linear Imager CCD

Major features:

1. laser-like linear Imager
@In order to improve the scanner performance,
@BD-388/BD-488 built-in linear imager optical modules
@which has the reading distance of 200mm and the
@high-decoding performance( 200-300 scans/BD-388,
@400-500 scans/BD-488)
2.Gun type design
@Its gun type design is easy for the user to hold. It can be
@work with high-stand holder to have the hand-free
3.Discriminate most of the most of barcode symbologies @in the word
4.Supports the K/B wedge( Din, Mini-Din), serial and
@USB interface.
Ordering Information:
BD-388M/BD-488M: BD-388/BD-488 with Mini-Din cable
BD-388D/BD-488M: BD-388/BD-488 with Din cable
BD-388R/BD-488R: BD-388/BD-488 with serial cable( please specify pin-assignments)
BD-388U/BD-488U: BD-388/BD-488 with USB cable
HDR-3P: high stand for BD-488
HDR-5P: High stand for BD-388