CD-108e CCD Scanner
Enhanced CCD:
with the rapid development of computer & communication technology, as a CCD Scanner expertise, User can easily define all the setup parameters in PC and download it to the reader.

3-in-1 interface and USB (Optional):
it's buld in with keyboard, RS-232, Wand emulation interface. Different interface can be interchange by just changing cable. and USB optional model is also provided.

Notebooks PnP design:
Most of the CCD reader when conected to a Notebook PC, an additional keyboard terminator is needed. which not only increase the cost but also bring inconvenience to the user. The CD-108E plug and play design can be use directly with to a notebook without any additional device. there is an optional model for IBM Thinkpad Notebook.

Low power consumption model:

CD-108E also improves the power consumption of the unit. Besides, PC application, it can be use with Notebook and PDA for mobile application. With build in decoder, the normal opeational current is 60mA.

Modular design:
considering the ease of upgrade and service, CD-108E adopts a modular design, it can be easily upgrade and is your best choice for SKD (Semi-Knock-down) business.

Optional Functions:
Data formatting, Data can be insert to the bar code rader.
Download configuration setting, no operation manual is needed for setting.
Configuration can be done on a PC and download the result to the unit.
Special communication Command, if a barcode cannot be decoded.
The CCD will send a command to Host to report the status.
Width of Windows: 80mm.
Depth of Field: 30 mm ( depends upon the barcode mil )
Scanning Speed: 100scans/second. 0.125mm (5 mil)
Light Source: RED LED 660nm.
Ambient Light: 800 lux Max.(Sunlight)
Reading indicator: LED..
Print Contrast ratio: minimum 25%
Interface: TTL,Keyboard,RS-232 and Wand Emulation(USB is optional)
Voltage: DC +5V, +-5%
Operating Current: 60mA typical.
Standby Current: 28mA typical.
RFI/EMI: Complied with FCC Class A and CE.
Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree C(32~104 degree F)
Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree C(-4~140 degree F)
Relative Humidity: 20% to 85%(Non-condensing)
Material: ABS Plastic & Rubber.
Weight: Approx 150g.
Drop Durability: 1M drop onto concrete surface.
Dimension: 170mm x 70mm x 64mm.
Reading Performance:
Reading Code: UPC/EAN/JAN & Addition 2/5, Code 39, Code 39 FULL ASCII, Interleave 25, Industrial 25, Matrix25 Code 11, Code 128, Codabar/NW7, Code 93, MSI/PLESSY, Code 32, BC412, China Postage. Other are upon request
Resolution: 0.127(5mil)/PCS 0.8.
PCS: 0.45/0.25(10mil) width code.
Ordering Information:
CD-108e 80mm Enhanced CCD with K/B, serial & Wand Emulation Interface.
CD-108eU 80mm Enhanced CCD with USB, K/B, serial & Wand Emulation Interface.
CBL-eD Din-Cable for CD-108E
CBL-eM Serial Cable for CD-108E
CBL-eU USB Cable for CD-108E
HDR-2P DIY Holder.