Birch Deluxe and Inspired POS systems


--->[Look beyond, see Possibilities]
EstiLo Series---Aluminum chassis, Fanless, Celeron-M 600 Mhz with cache

IT6000: 10.4°® EstiLo all-in-one touch
IT6002: 12.1°®( 1024 x 768) EstiLo all-in-one touch

Welcome to any OEM project of SMALL Q°¶ty

IT6300 EstiLoMini without panel WM6300 VESA/Wall Mount bracket for IT6300

Good choice for Auto-ID or Signage/Multi-media applications

--->[ Imagine your business with CARiSMA]
CARiSMA Series°XSmall foot print, Elegant design Desktop/Wall mount system, Celeron-0M 1.5G

IT7000-15: 15°® CARiSMA all-in-one touch
IT7000-12: 12.1°®( 1024 x 768) CARiSMA all-in-one touch
WM7000: Wall mount bracket for CARiSMA

Match your decorations with CARiSMA series

--->[ Unbelievable prices for system + XP Home OS]
Rigid Metal Fanless Mini system

IT6070: Intel ATOM 1.6G N270, bundled with XP Home OS In your local language.
WM6070: Wall mount bracket for IT6070

--->[ Core 2 Due Mini System]

IT-6090: Metal mini system with Core 2 Due M/B and Intel GM45 chipset, Celeron-M 2.0. 1G( DDR 3), 160GB SATA HDD, 6 x USB, 4 x COM, 10/100/1000 Ethernet°K°K

Birch Product Coverage

With our expertise in Auto-ID field, we make every endeavor to succeed in not only hardware but also in software/integration and advanced products such as Wireless, Touch, Mobile°K

Birch S/W
- Windows Restaurant S/W (Take-away version)
- Windows Surveillance S/W (Single shop & headquarter version)

Our goals---Your best partner in Auto-ID Solutions (Hardware+ Software+ Consulting + Technical support.)

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Besides distributing Birch products throughout the world, Birch is the top 3 POS/restaurant software provider in Taiwan, we have more than 2000 installation bases which is the strengths ( in H/W + S/W + integration consulting) which Birch can support you and offer you the good back-up.

Birch 850

Company Contacts

Taiwan: Birch Technology Inc
Address:7F-13, No 79, Shin Tai Wu Road, Sec 1, Hsichih , Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Fax:+886-2-26-98-95-97  +886-2-26-98-95-77
Tel: +886-2-26-98-95-96

USA: Birch Technolgy USA INC


Barcode scanners

Barcode label printers

Introduction to POS Systems and Panels

POS related peripherals


10.4°®/12.1°® EstiLo touch system

15.1°®/12.1°® CARiSMA all-in-one system

Tiny and 3-in-1 ( wireless + cable + memory)scanner

2-in-1 combo VFD display


IT7000 installed at LEOFOO ( largest amusement/resort park in Taiwan.

FS499 with °• Auto-sensor°® CCD + hand free holder instead of omni-directional laser

Tiny Bluetooth CCD BT-491 for mobile data tracking at factory

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PRP085III receipt printer with Windows 7 drivers

FS499 Fixed CCD scanner with°® Auto-senor°®

DSP850II VFD customer display with OPOS drivers